I cannot from myself escape
nor ever o'er my thinking rise
to reach out to the stars above
beyond the ever-cloudy skies.
I live in this small, lifelike shell
from where I see my every day
through blinded eyes in shrouded light
and stand on feet of weakest clay.
I cannot bring my vassal heart
to truly love or care for ought,
but turn my thoughts upon myself;
care not at all “What God hath wrought."
How oft I've wished that I could raise
myself to higher realms of thought,
to think of greater, nobler things,
but though I try, I just cannot.
Doomed am I to fill my days
within this body weak and frail;
condemned to everlasting pain
and sure that all my efforts fail.
Is there a one can change my fate--
to raise this feeble frame above
the daily misery and strife,
to show my eyes the way to love?
Yes, there is one who lifts the veil
of human darkness, mortal sight;
who shows the way to heaven above
and brings us into God's pure light.
This one is Jesus, Savior, Lord,
Counselor, Almighty Guide,
who died for us, we sinners all,
and stands at the Almighty's side.
To you, my Lord, I now resign
my sovereign will, my vagrant mind;
and pray you bring me safe along
the path of life, true life to find.
I now perceive that life is more
than endless days of emptiness.
I see that you have made me for
your glory and your righteousness.
I am to you your willing slave;
please use me as your will demands.
I throw myself upon your grace
and place myself in your strong hands.
And Lord, as this life leaves my breast,
may I Iook full into your face
to praise you for my changéd heart;
to thank you for your saving grace.
Lauren Lilly, 1993