A Man's Castle

It's said, "Man's home his castle is to be."
And that it's true I here do now agree.
But as for reason I must needs depart
From wisdom more conventional at heart.
For home is not a place for man to hide
From all the terrors of the life outside,
But where he can for needed succor go
And there provide for other's needs, also.
A place from which to rally to the fight
Perhaps a place to run when put to flight.
But never there to stay for times too long,
For there is little time to right the wrong.
The vision of him resting satisfied,
His dog so faithful lying by his side,
Is not the view of life I can promote
For home ought not to have a circling moat.
The home should be a place to welcome in
A world of people deafened by the din
Of war that's raging on the battlefield
Of life which daily seeks to see fates sealed.
We must step out—be bold—invite them in;
Provide for needs and warn of lurking sin
Which waits to pull the strongest to his knees
And by the slightest whim his will to seize.  
Close the curtains!
Shut them tight!
Hide your eyes from such a sight
As sinners trapped within the maw
Of damning sin, afoul the law
Of God, and slipping into darkest night.
Who will reach the world?
Lauren Lilly