I Sit and Cry

I sit and cry.
But why, oh why?
I heard about a boy.
He's from another world.
He sleeps on cardboard on the street
And daily hopes that he will eat.
I sit and cry.
Could that be why?
I seldom shed a tear.
That story is not new.
So why do now I sit and stare
Through eyesight dimmed by human care?
I sit and cry.
I don't know why.
There was a song about
A man of eighty years
Who bravely swam to save a child,
Then died; the effort far too wild.
I sit and cry.
But is that why?
In all my years, I'm sure,
I've never felt this way.
I can't believe there's any way
My heart could change from night to day.
I sit and cry.
Can't reason why.
I have to think that God
Has chosen now to melt
My heart in order that he might
Perform some deed or shed some light.
I sit and cry.
I may know why.
God, have your way in me.
My life is ever yours.
There's nothing in this world I choose
Than in your will myself to lose.
I sit and cry.
Lauren C. Lilly, 1995